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It all started in a football league AGM, you know, the one where someone has to turn up, otherwise the club would be fined for non attendance. Whilst sitting there bored, I started doodling on the pad I had taken to make myself look official.

The first doodle soon turned into one of the items I had always looked for in the UK and never found: a set of collapsible corner flags I could keep in my car, rather than having to go to the club and collect the 5ft poles, and potentially damaging the car with the spikes.

The second doodle was for an ultimate match pack, which in my mind could carry everything I needed for a match day in one handy back pack, whilst staying compact and that could live permanently in my car.

The next day I started researching how I could get these items made, initially for my own use. In finding a factory and receiving samples, OTTOPT was born. The name OTTOPT is derived from the Greek word σπορτ meaning sport and was a memorable word with an available domain name to start building a website.

I tested these products throughout the season and everyone who saw them asked me where they could get them. Clearly there was a demand, so I started to produce these for the wider market on a larger scale.

Over the next couple of years the range expanded to include the OTTOPT One, a training ball of match quality but at the price of a training ball. It means everyone can now train with a single ball rather taking two types. Soon we also had a slalom training pole set which could be used for fitness and training, whilst being compact, strong and portable.

As the sales of these items continued to grow, many people were asking for club badges to be printed on the flags, so I decided to invest in the equipment to do so. This suddenly opened the door for other revenue streams like printing onto team kits and training and leisure wear. After providing many local clubs of various sporting activities with equipment and now kit, I decided to put it all under one umbrella, so Xrcise was established.

Very quickly I realised how Xrcise could replace the traditional Club Kit volunteer and take all the strain out of providing kit and equipment for clubs by setting up individual Club Kit shops on line, which can provide a long term revenue stream helping Clubs achieve the sporting goals they aspire to, but at the same time make them look like professionals.

Xrcise now employs a team of sports people and designers all with a history of running clubs of various sports, who are knowledgeable about financial constraints, sponsorship and understand the huge amount of time it takes for club volunteers to deal with all the kit and equipment requirements.

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Xrcise is the trading name of OTTOPT Ltd, Registered in England 08817498

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